TAORP is a child, youth and women’s focused organization that aims to improve their life through education and income generation. Income generating projects focus mainly target vulnerable youth and women.

We work towards building community based structures to support access to good health. We engage in HIV/AIDS prevention through awareness activities targeting youth and women. We work to create sustainable mechanisms through which vulnerable children can access education and live in good health.

Our social and economic development projects also focus on improving household income and enhancing gender equality. The aids orphans rescue program (TAORP)’s primary objective is to empower the women living in marginalized communities to be able to meet their potential as well as strengthen infrastructural bottlenecks of communities to better address the social, economic and educational needs of the general society.

What we do


Our education projects focus on dealing with barriers to achieving the goal of quality education for all in rural Uganda


Women and youth have been the most vulnerable section of society that constitutes a sizeable segment of the poverty-stricken population in Uganda today


Centre for professional development is a rural ICT resource hub and community based educational development centre. Our goal is to work through the centre to facilitate a vibrant community support arm whose aim to offer professional guidance, consultancy and production of educational material which will facilitate better education in poor schools.



Volunteering is an essential part of our program in which we aim to encourage interaction of communities and people with a purpose of promoting transfer of knowledge and skills across communities globally.